Capital Tigers Challenge - Club Red

Sean Gourlay, Capital Tigers Secretary, recently made contact with the Red Cross about setting up a challenge between the RFC supporter groups. This is possible through the Red Cross, Club Red program. Club Red enables organisations to donate together and to keep a tally of the number of donations.

The challenge has now been made to other supporter groups and staff of the RFC to see who can donate the most blood this year. We have been advised that a prize will be made available to the group who wins the challenge.

Details about the Red Cross program, Club Red, can be found at the Club Red website;

The current scoreboard for the challenge can be found at;

If any of our members wish to join they can do so via the following link;

We are hoping that you will help spread the word and get RFC members and Supporters to join. You may have members who are already donors, which is great. Hopefully through this the Red Cross may get a few new donors.